Road Maintenance and Traffic Control Products

Road Maintenance and Traffic Control Products

Recycled tire rubber is used in the manufacture of a variety of proven products that are used in many different applications related to road maintenance and traffic safety control. The rubber provides durability, strength and stability that allow these products to perform much longer than alternative products.


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Product Descriptions

Erosion control using crumb rubber made from tiresErosion Control
Crumb rubber and buffings from truck tires are molded to create blocks that can be used for erosion control and in other applications such as emergency flood control. Erosion control blocks provide a durable, long-lasting alternative to sand bags for containing liquids, semiliquids, and solids. Unlike sand bags, these rubber products will not tear or rupture. The easy-to-install erosion control devices are low maintenance, and can satisfy relevant performance standards such as freeze/thaw (ASTM C1026).

Weed abatement rubber mats near road guardrailWeed Abatement
Weed abatement mats and rolls are available for use in roadside management and other applications. The product can be applied in tiles with overlapping edges or continuous rolls to prevent sunlight from reaching the ground surface, providing up to15 years of continuous weed control. The low-maintenance, easy-to-install weed abatement mats and rolls are manufactured using crumb rubber made from tires.

Seismic transition covers made from tire crumb rubberSeismic Transition Coverings
Crumb rubber is a component in seismic transition covers that are placed in locations requiring transitioning from one independent structure to another. The products are durable and resilient, and easy to install.

Traffic safety control products placed on road, made from recycled rubberTraffic Control Products
A variety of traffic safety control products utilizing recycled rubber are available for use in and around traffic and pedestrian areas such as construction sites, schools and public events. The heavy weight of the rubber base provides stability, and allows in some products the ability to rebound or detach upon impact, increasing the products’ useful life.

Wheel stop in front of building made from recycled rubberWheel Stops
Recycled rubber wheel stops are durable, light weight and easy to install in 3-foot and 6-foot lengths. Being made of rubber, they can absorb and redistribute impact, and reduce risk of damage to vehicle or property when parking. The wheel stops last longer than conventional concrete and can satisfy relevant performance standards such as tensile strength (ASTM D412).

Curb ramp, made from recycled tires, leading from road to sidewalkCurb Ramps
A curb ramp is a molded rubber product made from recycled rubber tires. It is used as a temporary or semi-permanent ramp to allow easy vehicle and truck access without damaging the existing curb. Rubber curb ramps are durable, portable, low-maintenance solutions that are easy to use in diverse applications.

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