Glossary: Waste Tire Manifest Program

The following general definitions are specific to the Waste Tire Manifest System. Additional terms and definitions are available in the Guidance Manual. Refer to the forms page for form-specific definitions.

Agricultural Hauler:

An agricultural exempt waste tire hauler who transports waste tires from the generator to an agricultural end use facility for the purpose of using the waste tires as bumpers on agricultural equipment or as ballast to maintain covers (including silage or feedstock covers) or structures at an agricultural site. Based upon qualification of this exemption, a letter will be issued by CIWMB to be carried in the vehicle while transporting the tires.
Board:California Integrated Waste Management Board.
Business Name:Name of the operation registered with the local government of the State of California; the business license name.
CIWMB:California Integrated Waste Management Board.
Common Carrier:Common carrier that transports something other than waste tires to an original destination point and then transports waste tires on the return part of the trip. The revenue derived from transporting the waste tires must be incidental when
compared to the revenue earned by the common carrier. Based upon qualification of this exemption, a letter will be issued by CalRecycle to be carried in the vehicle while transporting the tires.
Civil Penalty:A fine assessed as a result of a violation of an applicable provision.
Comprehensive Trip Log (CTL):The Comprehensive Trip Log (CTL) Form (CIWMB 203) is a triplicate form containing three (3) tear-off receipts for waste/used tire pick up or delivery transactions. This form replaced the California Uniform Waste and Used Tire Manifest Form
(CIWMB 647) and the California Uniform Waste and Used Tire Trip Log (CIWMB 648) in August 2005.
Confidentiality:For the purposes of the waste tire manifest system, some information on the Comprehensive Trip Log is confidential. This could include "load type" and "load amount" and the specific transaction between the generator and hauler or between the
hauler and end use facility for a given load. All other information is considered public information unless demonstrated otherwise to the satisfaction of the Board. (more
Decal:Issued by CalRecycle to

registered tire haulers
, printed on specially prepared paper with a unique number, for affixing to the lower right hand corner of the windshield.
End-Use Facility:The facility where used or waste tires are unloaded or accepted.
Exempt:The waste tire hauler is exempt from waste tire hauler registration requirements. Exempt haulers must still comply with the manifesting requirements described in this manual with the exception of the following:
  • Businesses or private parties are hauling less than 10 waste tires.
  • Hauls where the waste tires have been inadvertently placed into solid waste and it is not economical or safe to remove the tires.
  • Hauler is transporting waste tires from outside the state, destined for another location outside the state, if no waste tires are loaded or unloaded within the boundaries of the California.
  • Person is participating in an amnesty day event or has an exemption letter issued by the Local Enforcement Agency for a one-time haul.
Facility:A waste tire facility, as defined in Public Resources Code Section 42808, a landfill authorized pursuant to Public Resources Code Section 42866, a facility authorized to accept used or waste tires pursuant to a state or local agency permit,
or a facility which lawfully accepts used or waste tires as authorized under Title 14, Section 18420. (more
Generator:Any person who provides used or waste tires to a waste tire hauler; including but not limited to tire dealers, car dealers, auto dismantlers, and automotive fleet service centers, local government fleet operators, rental fleets, etc. 
Hauler:Any person engaged in the transportation of 10 or more waste tires. (more
Hauler Registration:Documents, including the decal and registration form, issued by CalRecycle, which authorizes the holder of the documents to legally haul waste tires within California for the period of issuance. (more
Load:A single transaction (a pick up or delivery) of used or waste tires between the hauler and generator or the hauler and end-use facility. There may be one or more loads on a trip.
Local Government:A county, city, city and county, special district, joint powers agency or other political subdivision of the state.
California Uniform Waste and Used Tire Manifest Form (CIWMB 647). This form was replaced in August 2005 by the
Comprehensive Trip Log
(CIWMB 203).
Person:Includes an individual, sole proprietorship, co-partnership, Limited Liability Company, corporation, political subdivision, government agency, or municipality.
Registered Hauler:Registered as a waste tire hauler with CalRecycle. (more
Registered Vehicle:A vehicle that has been registered by a registered hauler with CalRecycle.
Registered Vehicle Owner:The person in whom title is vested and/or to whom the vehicle is registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles for any jurisdiction, domestic and foreign, in which the vehicle is registered.
Tire Transfer: Refers to a hauler pickup from a generator or a hauler delivery to an end use facility in which tires are transferred from one business entity to another.
Trip:The hauling of waste or used tires that begins with a waste tire hauler’s first pickup of used or waste tires from a generator and ends with that hauler’s last delivery of used or waste tires to an end-use facility, but in no case
shall a trip exceed five (5) consecutive days.
Trip Log:California Uniform Waste and Used Tire Trip Log (CIWMB 648). This form was replaced in August 2005 by the
Trip Log
(CIWMB 203).
Used Tire:A tire that meets both of the following requirements:
(1) The tire is no longer mounted on a vehicle but is still suitable for use as a vehicle tire.
(2) The tire meets the applicable requirements of the Vehicle Code and of Title
13 of the California Code of Regulations. (more
Waste Tire:A tire that is no longer mounted on a vehicle and is no longer suitable for use as a vehicle tire due to wear, damage, or deviation from the manufacturer's original specifications. A waste tire includes a repairable tire, scrap tire, and altered
waste tire, but does not include a tire derived product, crumb rubber, or a used tire. Note: For the purposes of this manual, the term waste tire is used for simplicity to mean both waste tires and used tires.
Waste Tire
Manifest System:
California Uniform Waste and Used Tire Manifest System which includes the

Comprehensive Trip
developed by CalRecycle and all procedures and regulations applicable to the transportation of the used or waste tires from point of origin to final destination of the used or waste tires.