Inspection Types

Inspectors may be called upon to conduct the following types of inspections.

Routine. A routine or periodic inspection or visit is prompted by regulation (e.g. minor waste tire facility permits are required to be inspected at least every 30 months and majors are to be inspected annually) or by the inspectors schedule, set to insure periodic visits of each location within their jurisdiction.

Reinspection. A reinspection is always preceded by an inspection in which a violation was cited. The Inspection Type will be considered a reinspection until the violation is corrected.

Observation. Observation is an inspection type that is spontaneous. (e.g., the inspector is in the field and sees a tire facility, a pile of tires, or anything that causes them to inspect the site.)

Referral. A referral inspection is prompted by the Highway Patrol (CHP), CalRecycle, a complaint, an “educational visit” request from the CalRecycle Hauler Unit, or by some other agency. A prepermit inspection is also considered a referral–mark “Other” as the referral type.

An “educational visit” referral is a focused inspection/visit to provide manifest training to a hauler, generator, or end use facility, and is prompted when multiple manifesting errors are detected over a set period of time through the Waste Tire Management System database (WTMS).

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