Inspection and Enforcement Forms

Tire enforcement agency (TEA) inspectors are required to use the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) and Calrecycle forms on this page for inspections, referring noncomplying facilities, and documenting surveillance activities. Following are descriptions of the forms and sample and/or downloadable versions.

Waste Tire Survey and Inspection Report

When a TEA inspector visits a waste tire facility, hauler or business to provide compliance assistance or to perform an inspection on behalf of CalRecycle’s Waste Tire Enforcement Program, the TEA inspector documents the results of the visit on an online electronic inspection report in WTMS.

  • Inspection Notetaking Template
    This template is provided as a note-taking tool that inspectors may use while conducting their inspections to record information to assist them in later completing their online inspection reports. This template is not an official CalRecycle inspection form and shall not be given to the operator nor uploaded into WTMS.

Instructions for the Survey and Inspection forms are found on the back of the forms and also on CalRecycle’s website. The reverse side of the Comments Form includes information on how to count tires.

Notice of Violation and Citable Offenses Handouts

TEAs document violations on Waste Tire Survey and Inspection Report forms (CIWMB Forms 181, 182, 183) and provide a re-inspection date in the enforcement status box of the Survey Form 181. When the Inspector issues an inspection report that notes a violation, the notice of violation and citable offenses handouts should be given to the operator to inform them of their rights and responsibilities. The notice of violation and citable offenses handouts are to be printed from this web page and used in the field.

  • Notice of Violation HandoutEnglishSpanish (Updated 4/6/2020). This handout explains the Notice of Violation process and details the responsibility of the owner/operator/hauler. Inspectors provide this handout with a copy of the above Inspection Report to inform the operator of violations of the Public Resources Code and/or Title 14 of the California Code of Regulations.
  • Citable Offenses Handouts (Updated 4/6/2020)
    These handouts list and explain the statutory and regulatory violations noted on the Inspection forms. The inspector checks off the pertinent violations and provides a copy of the Inspection Report to the operator along with the notice of violation handout and appropriate citable offenses handouts.

Only one extension of a compliance deadline date may be given to a business, and only if a good faith effort can be documented (on the inspection report).

CalRecycle Referral Form

If a business is still in violation after an initial inspection, the TEA may extend the compliance date once if a good faith effort can be documented. In cases where compliance has not been achieved after the second or third inspection the TEA shall refer the violation to CalRecycle for further enforcement actions within 30 days of the last inspection. Referrals shall include a chronology of the enforcement history and/or statement of facts, photographs and copies of inspection forms or inspection form numbers. Referrals can be sent via e-mail or mail to the Field Staff Contact and their supervisor. Once a facility has been referred to CalRecycle, all TEA inspections will be coordinated through CalRecycle, until that facility is in compliance.

Inspectors should provide this form as a cover letter when a violation has been referred to CalRecycle in the “Enforcement Status” section of the Survey Form (page 1 of the Waste Tire and Inspection Report, CIWMB 181). Note: The referral form may be printed and used.

Surveillance Form

TEAs document illegal tire piles over 499 tires or illegal hauling activities through the inspection process outlined in Task 1 (CIWMB form 181, 182, 183, 184). However, TEAs may augment the State’s enforcement program by conducting enforcement activities for illegal waste tire dump sites with fewer than 500 tires. These sites are a public nuisance and a blight on the community, and they pose a threat to public health and safety and the environment; therefore, the Waste Tire Enforcement Grant is intended to support the TEA’s authority to deal with these situations through local laws and ordinances.

TEAs perform additional surveillance, such as identifying unregistered Waste and Used Tire Haulers, working with local law enforcement officers to cite illegal Waste and Used Tire Haulers, and conducting surveillance including patrolling, the use of cameras, stings, or other proven surveillance methods.

  • Surveillance Form is to be used when the TEAs conduct the above activities. The log provides required information including location of the activity, time spent, staff involved, what was found, and the action that will be taken to remediate the situation

Hauler Observation Report

CalRecycle’s Hauler Observation Report (Form 775) is utilized exclusively by Waste Tire Inspectors to communicate observed violations of non-compliant haulers to the Tire Hauler Compliance Unit staff. Violations may be observed en route or during an inspection, but the observation would go beyond the scope of an inspection report. The Hauler Observation Report would be used by Waste Tire Inspectors in the following scenarios:

  • An unregistered hauler is observed hauling more than 9 waste or used tires on a public roadway
  • During an inspection, a violation is observed of another hauler who is not being inspected, such as:
    • Waste Tire Hauler Registration and Transport of Tires
    • Falsely Represents Self as Registered Tire Hauler
    • Failure to Display Decal/Registration in Vehicle
    • Hauler Using an Unregistered Vehicle
    • Failure to Present Registration to Official
    • Failure to Abide by Temporary Registration
    • Hauler Failing to Comply with Manifesting Requirements

How to Submit Hauler Observation Report Form 775

Please submit the completed hauler observation form via email to

For more information contact: Tire Enforcement,