Tire Enforcement Agency Resources

The following resources are available to assist tire enforcement agencies (TEA).

  • Statutes and Regulations. Summary of statutes and regulations related to tire enforcement, and lists of citable offenses.
  • Forms. TEA inspectors are required to use CalRecycle forms for inspections, issuing Notices of Violations, referring noncomplying facilities to CalRecycle, and documenting surveillance activities.
  • Round Table MeetingsThe tire round tables are offered to TEAs twice yearly in four regions throughout the state. The round tables were developed to promote more efficient communication and cooperative relationships with the more than 40 TEAs statewide.
  • Contacts. Contacts for TEAs as well as other tire program contacts.
  • Databases. Databases that may be used by TEAs.
  • Tire Program-Specific Information. Links to specific information about other aspects of CalRecycle’s tire program, such as facilities, permitting, haulers, and manifesting.

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The following are brief descriptions and links to the most commonly used databases in the Waste and Used Tire Program:

Waste Tire Management System (WTMS)
The Waste Tire Management System can be used to search for information regarding generators, end-use facilities, and haulers.

WTMS Hauler Registration Information
This allows you to obtain hauler registration information. You may also obtain information via our toll-free tire hotline at (866) 896-0600.

Data Central Portal
This portal displays high-level summary information about solid waste management issues in California by pulling data together from numerous sources. The data is displayed in using text, tables, charts, maps, contacts, and links.

Tire Program-Specific Information

Tire Program Educational Brochure
This one-page, tri-fold brochure (English | Spanish) provides a quick overview of the main aspects of California’s waste and used tire enforcement program and important contact information to CalRecycle’s website and the toll-free Waste Tire Hotline.

Baled Tire Requirements
This bulletin clarifies the permitting, storage, hauling and manifest requirements for baled tire operations. It was developed in response to recent enforcement related issues posed by baling and related operations and CalRecycle’s commitment to see that all waste tire storage and hauling operations are consistent with State laws and regulations. (September 2011)

Waste Tire Facilities and Permitting
This site contains extensive information regarding facility permitting, detailed information about a specific tire facility, information on tire fires, enforcement and complaints for review by TEAs.

Waste Tire Haulers
State law requires every person who transports 10 or more waste tires or used tires to hold a valid waste tire hauler registration. This site includes information pertinent to haulers.

Waste and Used Tire Manifest Program
The waste tire manifest system/program applies to all persons, businesses, nonprofits, or government agencies that generate, transport, or receive waste/used tires. This site describes the system and requirements in detail.

For more information contact: Tire Enforcement, WasteTires@calrecycle.ca.gov