This page provides an opportunity to provide input on the design and content of the Permit Toolbox web page.

Ongoing maintenance and improvement of the Permit Toolbox will be guided by the Toolbox Maintenance Advisory Committee (tMac). The tMac also developed a maintenance plan and schedule. Please take time to read the tMac Charter.

2004 LEA Permit Toolbox Survey

Please participate in the 2004 tMac Survey and help prioritize future additions and improvements of the Permit Toolbox. tMac periodically surveys LEAs as part of its charter to continually improve the usability of the Permit Toolbox Web site.

Thank you for submitting your completed survey by May 26, 2004.

You may email your completed survey to Jon Whitehill at or you may print the form and fax to (916) 319-7240.

More information is available in the Permit Toolbox Maintenance Kit.

Your Input is Important

The Permit Toolbox is a work in progress. Your ongoing participation will help to ensure usefulness and accuracy. Your suggestions will be used to refine and improve the site.

  • Please contact Jon Whitehill at or (916) 341-6403 with any ideas or comments on the design or content of these pages. Your suggestions will be forwarded to the Toolbox Maintenance Advisory Committee (tMac).
  • Operators and applicants are also encouraged to provide comments.
  • All stakeholders are invited to provide input or even volunteer to help with the design and maintenance of the web-site.
  • tMac will periodically conduct a survey of LEAs.

Background and design information is available to help frame your comments.


  • LEAs will have more opportunities to participate at future LEA roundtables and conferences.
  • The first 3 chapters of the draft Report of Disposal Site Information (RDSI) guidance manual are now available for on-line review by LEAs and operators.
  • A Board agenda item, Presentation of Permit Toolbox, was heard by the Board at the July 18, 2001 Board Briefing Workshop.
  • Presentation and demonstration of the Permit Toolbox was held at the August 2001 LEA Conference.

Examples Needed

Please submit your best examples of permit documents and letters to post and share on this site. For example:

  • Permit Review Reports and Notification Letters
  • Application Submittal Cover Letters (from applicant)
  • Application Acceptance or Rejection Letters
  • Proposed Permit Submittal Letters
  • Issued Permits
  • Sample RDSI Language for the draft guidance manual.
  • Other letters that help document the permit process.

Your sample letter might be included in the Sample Documents and Letters Page!

Frequently Asked Questions

A draft page of frequently asked permit questions is under development. Make sure yours are included:

  • Common permit questions
  • Questions from LEAs
  • Questions from operators
  • Questions to help beginners
  • Tricky permit questions

Please help complete the FAQ page by submitting questions to the contact listed in the footer at the bottom of this page.