This maintenance plan and schedule were developed by the Toolbox Maintenance Advisory Committee (tMAC) as outlined in the committee's charter.

Although this plan was approved at the September 10, 2002, EAC meeting, please continue to send your comments and suggestions to the contact listed at the bottom of this page.



The purpose of this maintenance kit is to:

  • Provide a systematic approach to maintenance of the Permit Toolbox.
  • Establish a maintenance schedule.
  • Establish management and staff authority, responsibility, and accountability.
  • Provide instructions for updating the web site.
  • Establish procedures for ensuring that the web site is updated.
  • Ensure documentation and notification of web site updates.


The Permit Toolbox web site needs to be regularly maintained to ensure that:

  • Information is current.
  • Hyperlinks are still active.
  • Stakeholder comments and suggestions are considered.
  • New information is added.
  • The site meets the changing needs of it's customers.
  • Design and usability are continually improved.

Web Page Review Guide

To ensure that every page is given a thorough review, the maintenance plan contains a check list of review questions.

Recent Initiatives

In order to keep the Permit Toolbox up-to date with the ever-changing landscape of integrated waste management, this plan will maintain a current list of recent and upcoming initiatives, such as statute, regulations, advisories, etc...

Priority Task List

One of tMAC's duties is to prioritize the many recommended changes and updates that are identified by tMAC or suggested by users of the Permit Toolbox. The updated Priority Task List is available on-line for your review.

Maintenance Log

The What's New page provides the maintenance history of pages that have been added, changed, or updated.

The sample maintenance log provides a spreadsheet for tracking review and updates of each Permit Toolbox seb page to ensure ongoing maintenance and improvements.

Maintenance Schedule

Periodic Maintenance: Every page of the Permit Toolbox will be periodically reviewed pursuant to the Web Page Review Guide. It is unknown at this time how often pages will be checked. At the end of this first review cycle, a more detailed schedule will be developed. Some pages might be reviewed less than once per year.

Ongoing Maintenance: Many pages need to be reviewed and/or updated more frequently, perhaps as often as once per month. Examples include:

  • What's New, Index, and Site Map
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Recent Initiatives
  • Maintenance Log
  • Priorities Task List

Focused Maintenance: The goal of this plan is to update the Permit Toolbox within one month of any major changes. This might require a detailed review of large sections of the web site to make sure that the Permit Toolbox reflects a recently approved regulation package. Other examples of initiatives that might require focused review and/or update of the Permit Toolbox include:

  • New or changed regulations, statute, or policy.
  • Addition of important new tools, resources, or advisories.
  • Addition of new CalRecycle programs or responsibilities.

The following table summarizes periodic, ongoing, and focused maintenance activities necessary to ensure that the Permit Toolbox continues to be a useful tool for all users.

Permit Toolbox Maintenance Schedule

ActivityResponsible PartyScheduleLast Checked
Periodic Maintenance
Check each page of the permit toolbox and fill out form (refer to web page review guide)LEAs and CalRecycle StaffSee Maintenance LogSee Maintenance Log
Update sample maintenance logtMACAs pages are checkedUnder Construction
Ongoing Maintenance
Update list of new initiativestMACMonthly9/6/2005
Solicit comments from customers.CalRecycleYearlyApril/May, 2004
Respond to comments from customers.tMACOn-going 
Update priority task listtMACEvery 3 months9/6/2005
Update FAQ PagetMACEvery 3 monthsUnder Construction
Convene Permit Toolbox Maintenance Advisory Committee (tMAC). tMAC ChairEvery 3 monthsAugust 24, 2005
Update What's New page tMAC ChairAs changes are madeJune 2005
Post and log changes and notify users.tMACAs changes are madeOn-going
Annual review/audit/meeting with IMB, OPA, and CalRecycle webmaster.tMAC ChairYearly 
Focused Maintenance
Update list of recent and upcoming initiativestMACMonthly9/6/2005
Perform Focused MaintenancetMACWithin one month of a major change 

Roles and Responsibilities

Board Role:

  • Provide resources for the implementation of recommendations on content and design.
  • Periodic surveys of LEAs and other stakeholders.
  • Open agenda item on site updates at monthly branch meetings.
  • Designate a point of contact for submitting and tracking changes.
  • Include web site maintenance responsibilities in new employee orientation.
  • Have regular maintenance reminders from Outlook calendar or e-mail.
  • Make web site maintenance part of staff job description.
  • Assign staff to monitor sections of the web site.
  • Assign at least two staff to tMAC.

LEA Role:

  • Formation of new EAC subcommittee to regularly monitor the web site and bring issues to the Board's attention.
  • Open agenda item at LEA Roundtable meetings.
  • Email or phone call to Board or EAC point of contact with problems or suggestions.
  • Periodically review web pages.
  • Assign at least two staff to tMAC.

tMAC Role:

  • Hold quarterly meetings.
  • Monitor usability of Permit Toolbox
  • Track Maintenance of Permit Toolbox.
  • Keep a log of maintenance checks and updates.
  • Prioritize tasks.
  • Provide updates to the EAC
  • Prepare recommendations for adoption by the EAC and the P&I Branch.
  • Implement directives from the EAC

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