Phase II: Field Investigations

Phase II Field Investigations are similar to Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act’s (CERCLA) Phase II Field Investigations, except that the emphasis of Phase II Field Investigations for CIA sites is defining and mapping the cover thickness, horizontal and vertical extent of the waste, drainage and erosion conditions, gas migration issues and site access and security issues.

The Phase II Field Investigation for CIA sites typically includes the preparation of an investigation work plan to conduct an intrusive investigation using trenching, drilling or direct push methods to obtain waste, soil and gas samples for waste and perform landfill gas analysis and characterization or to conduct a nonintrusive investigation. The preparation of the work plan requires the surveying and mapping of site features, determination of the location of the site through document survey controls, benchmarks, latitude and longitude data be researched and documented, and additionally the use of photographs of specified site features is useful. Included in the work plan is the development of a sampling and analysis plan which can include details of how to conduct waste/burn ash sampling. Also, note that Protocol for Burn Dump Site Investigation and Characterization has been developed to assist the LEA in the investigation of hazardous substances at burn dump sites. The information and data generated by the Phase II Field Investigation will provide the basis for enforcement actions and scoping and estimating the cost of remedial measures required to bring site conditions into compliance with state minimum standards.

To conduct the Phase II Field Investigation it is necessary to obtain a signed property access authorization form, CalRecycle 699 (Updated 7/23/10) from the property owner(s) or authorized agent. CalRecycle staff use the property access authorization cover letter ( | Word) to request completion of this form. This authorization should be obtained early in the site investigation process.

table listing site investigations completed by CalRecycle is available. The investigations are listed alphabetically by site name and include: Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) number, type of plan or report produced, investigation type, types of operations, and whether the site is located in a rural or urban setting. The table identifies site investigations during which geophysical survey operations were utilized.