Enforcement Tools and Case Work

Enforcement is an essential tool in the investigation and analysis of closed, illegal, and abandoned (CIA) disposal sites.

Enforcement can be challenging due to:

  1. The overwhelming number and complexity of environmental conditions encountered.
  2. Poor documentation.
  3. Difficulty in identifying able and willing responsible parties.
  4. Problematic regulatory authority and agency coordination.

Enforcement can provide for necessary actions, such as acquiring site access, abatement, notifications, stipulated agreements, and compliance with Title 14 California Code Regulations. Local enforcement agencies have discretion in determining what enforcement actions to take, however it is recommended that compliance be pursued through all available means before taking a formal enforcement action. Appropriate and timely enforcement actions are necessary for building defensible enforcement cases, however.

An Inspection Guidance Manual for Closed, Illegal and Abandoned Disposal Sites: Provides guidance to be considered by LEA staff while conducting an inspection of a CIA Site. The content of this manual is for inspection guidance only; the determination of a disposal site’s compliance status with State of California solid waste regulations shall be based upon the conditions of the site, itself.