CalRecycle Resources

CalRecycle has either printed or Web publications on this topic that you can find at either our publication search page or our website search page. However, not all of these publications apply to “waste prevention” in the most literal use of that term. Publications that do apply to waste prevention include:

  • Urban Wood Waste–An overview that includes estimated quantities of wood waste generated from most construction and demolition operations, as well as markets available for the processed wood waste.
  • Wood Waste: Keep it Out of Landfills–Provides suggestions on reusing and recycling wood waste for businesses. Includes an outline for a wood waste reduction plan and links to online resources on wood waste recycling and waste reduction. (500-94-017).

Other Resources


  • Wood and Organic Waste YouTube (00:04:12)| Transcript (October 2009). Chapter 9 from the 12-chapter Best Practices in Waste Reduction video. All 12 chapters are available to watch on YouTube or our . Reducing waste can save you money, conserve energy and resources, and reduce air, soil, and water pollution. The Best Practices in Waste Reduction video shows you real options for recycling, reducing, or reusing solid waste products.  Helping promote California’s development of markets for recyclable materials is part of our mission. We can help you with technical, financial, and permitting assistance. Please feel free to contact our Office of Public Affairs for more information.


  • Resource Conservation AllianceThe mission of the Resource Conservation Alliance (RCA) is to protect natural forests and other ecological systems through market-based and commodity-based conservation strategies. These strategies include reduced consumption and increased recycling, redesign and resource diversification. RCA encourages consumers to conserve forests by reducing their consumption of paper and building products overall and by replacing virgin wood products with products made from recycled fibers, straw, kenaf, hemp, etc.