Business Waste Reduction

Businesses that reduce waste are regarded more favorably by customers, the public, and their own employees. Businesses that reduce waste motivate people and other businesses to do the same. CalRecycle has put together the following resources to provide you with information to help your business reduce waste!

Business Waste Reduction Resource Index. Answers and resources for the most common business waste issues. This site also contains fact sheets and case studies, information about office paper reduction, and the famous CalRecycle waste reduction and recycling posters and signs.

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Waste is a symptom of an inefficient process. Waste is material and supplies that are paid for, and subsequently rendered useless. Before those materials and supplies are rendered useless, they are housed in expensive office or warehouse space. After they are rendered useless, money is paid to haul them away. Sound crazy? But wait, there’s more.

Reducing waste reduces needless consumption. Reducing needless consumption preserves renewable and non renewable resources. Reducing waste conserves energy and reduces the air, soil, and water contamination that is often caused by the production of those materials and supplies that become waste, and from the fossil fuel powered transportation that delivers those materials and supplies and hauls away those materials and supplies after they become waste. Reducing waste also reduces the use of landfills.

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