Recycling Containers Vendor List

Having a place to put stuff in both your home and office makes recycling easy.

This page lists manufacturers of paper and dry waste collection receptacles for recycling. Some of these companies carry organic waste containers and other equipment as noted. To add to this list, or to make modifications, contact the staff listed at the bottom of this page.

If you are considering buying recycle bins for your company or organization, please note that some companies that pick up recyclable material might also provide indoor and outdoor bins. Services provided throughout the state vary. Check with recycling vendors in your area before you buy bins for your company or organization.

As with most things you buy, please inquire about recycled content. The more recycled content the better, and postconsumer content is preferred to postmanufacture content.

Company NameIndoor Paper, Glass, & etc. BinsSecure Office Paper BinsOutdoor Paper, Glass, & etc. BinsLarge Parking Lot BinsCurbside Bins or TotesIndoor Worm BinsOrganic Waste CarriersCompost BinsUsed
American Recycled Products
(888) 256-3699
YesYesYes      Matching sustainable site furnishings. Kid’s recycling center and custom design recycling bin also available.
Connection, The

(800) 622-2448
YesYes       Various
The Big Green Box
(714) 879-2067
        YesA battery collection box and recycling service.
Busch Systems Intl.
(800) 565-9931
YesYesYes YesYesYesYes Can Crushers and Various
Maier Composites

(800) 962-6079
Lane Fabrications

(905) 295-7224
Yes Yes Yes    Can custom design to your requirements.
CleanRiver Recycling Solutions
(888) 646-4246
YesYesYes Yes Yes YesCarts, Labels, and Various

ClearStream Recycling,

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YesNoYesYesNoNoNoYesNoClear Recycling Stations: Single Stream, Dual Stream, Zero Waste, Hanging SideKick, and Trash Only Collection Systems. Clear Bags, Custom Signs, Lids, Decals, Carts, Bin Storage, and Turnkey Transporters.
Consolidated Fabricators
(800) 339-8335
   Yes     Various
Eco-Pop Designs
(650) 728-9220
(925) 235-0905
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YesYes     Yes EvoEco provides in-building SmartBins to provide facilities innovative leverage in communicating with visitors while engaging high diversion rates and tracking weight data. Includes live diversion reporting to achieve sustainability goals.
EZ Dump Commercial Incorporated          (480) 452-6038Yes Yes    Yes Industrial grade  23 gallon SmartcanMax™ is the safest trash, recycle or organics receptacle to empty. Completely eliminates vacuum and suction when removing a filled bag liner. Uses standard or compostable bags. Base holds three gallons of liquid - contains spills. Component-based is easier to clean. Five year "no-holes" warranty.
Fibrex Group, Inc.
(800) 444-8380
Yes YesYes     Used Oil and Various

(804) 726-3777
YesYesYes   YesYesYesOther available streams: Cups, Plastic Bag/Film, Multi-stream, Mixed, Coffee Pods, E-Waste & Cell Phones. Personalization is also available across all of our recycling containers
YesYesYesYes  YesYesYesCoordinated indoor/outdoor recycling stations and waste enclosures. Built to spec. Made from 97% pure post-consumer recycled plastic.
McClure Industries, Inc.
(800) 752-2821
         Carts and Various
(888) 675-2878
Yes   Yes     
Omega Pacific        YesProvides: Kiosk, for batteries, CFL's along with containers for ballast, lamps, sharps
Recy-CAL Supply Co.
 (800) 927-3873
Yes Yes Yes    Can Crushers, Desktop Trays, and Various
Recycle Away Systems & Solutions
YesYesYesYesYes YesYesYes 
Rehrig Pacific Company
(800) 421-6244
Yes   Yes    Various
Royal Basket Trucks, Inc.
(800) 426-6447
         Collection and Sorting Equipment
Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC)
(678) 419-9990
        YesRBRC runs a rechargeable battery and cell phone recycling service, which provides a recycling container.
Rubbermaid Commercial Products
(800) 347-9800  
YesYesYes      Various
Techstar Plastics, Inc.
(800) 263-7943
Yes Yes Yes    Various
(800) 772-0071
YesYesYes Yes    Various

(626) 968-0573
Yes   Yes     
(877) 468-9278
   Yes     Lids for Large Bins
Windsor Barrel Works
(800) 527-7848
Yes Yes       

The inclusion of a company on this list does not constitute an endorsement of that company’s product. This list is only intended to give an extremely brief description of these companies products, and might not accurately represent the companies or their products.  Other disclaimers apply. To add other companies, which manufacture recycling containers, to this list, or to request removal from this list, contact the staff listed at the bottom of this page. Additions are subject to the discretion of CalRecycle.

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