The Personnel Department plays a significant role in carrying out school board policy and can provide valuable input in the development of operational procedures. Personnel directors must evaluate the impacts of implementing the procedures on the school’s workforce, human resource allocations, training programs and other personnel management policies.

The following activities will promote the integration of environmental policies and procedures into the organizational culture and increase the likelihood of long term benefits and success.

1.  Incorporate job function language into job classifications or job descriptions. Whether the organization is dedicating a full or partial position or relying on all employees to take responsibility for results, outlining what is expected goes a long way towards reaching success. (See the Desert Sands Unified School District job specification for a sample of a dedicated position such as a Recycling Specialist.) Additionally, the following language may be appropriate for a job description or duty statement:

“Participates in and supports the waste reduction activities of the District; including waste prevention, re-use, recycling, composting, and other resource conservation activities, programs and standards. Actively identifies and initiates waste reduction activities in areas of assigned responsibility.”

2.  Develop a training plan to instruct staff in basic environmental practices prior to implementing the new policy and procedures. Provide orientation to new employees on the culture of the organization with regard to environmental policies and procedures and include this information in employee handbooks and manuals.

An example is the New Employee Orientation program that California Department of Resources Recovery and Recycling (CalRecycle) offers all new employees to view at their convenience, ideally within one week of hire. This program includes information regarding CalRecycle’s In House Waste Reduction and Recycled Content Product Procurement Policy. At the end of the program, each employee is required to complete and sign a document certifying that they have read and understand the policies of CalRecycle.

3.  Create and integrate performance measures into appropriate position performance management systems.

4.  Provide incentives through school recognition programs for individuals to exceed expectations with regard to the environmental policies. Actively encourage employees to be innovative and suggest improvements to procedures and practices. This is an excellent way to encourage positive employee involvement in the workplace.

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