Economic Developers

Sacramento downtown landscapeIncrease Business in Your Area With the RMDZ Program

Studies concluded that recycling creates jobs and tax revenue–it’s good for the local economy!

So is the RMDZ program, which provides incentives to businesses that manufacture products using materials that would normally end up at the landfill. The business must be located in one of the zones throughout California.

Did you know that:

  • Recycling isn’t just putting out a few bins at the workplace–it’s what happens to that material after it is collected that the real money is made.
  • Recycling employs over 85,000 tax paying Californians.
  • Recycling generates almost $4 billion in taxable income, almost $5 billion in taxable sales and more than $10 billion in new products an services.
  • Recycling is big business…comparable to other large industries in California. It is as large as the movie and video industry.
  • Over 5,300 recycling and reuse establishments do business in California?

Increase Your Bottom Line

The use of recycled materials reduces your operating costs by replacing higher-cost virgin feedstock with recycled feedstock or scrap material for your production line.

Waste disposal is an expensive part of doing business, and as landfill space diminishes costs will continue to rise. The use or sale of scrap or recycled materials reduces your disposal costs.

You can make money from the sale of your own recyclable materials to others who can use them.

Whether your goal is to fuel existing business, attract new business, or to encourage start-ups, the Recycling Market Development Zone program can help. By offering profitable incentives, including attractive loans, free program marketing moneytechnical assistance, and more it’s an innovative way to encourage manufacturers to move to certain areas of the State of California.

For more information, search for a Recycling Market Development Zone and contact the zone’s administrator.

For more information contact: Zone Assistance Regional Zone Contacts,