Model Documents

This section of the library provides information about CalRecycle, staff, and local jurisdiction model documents and guidelines designed to assist jurisdictions report to valuable information to the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), local jurisdictions governments, and models for neighboring jurisdictions to pattern themselves after.

Model Source Reduction and Recycling Element (SRRE) Guidelines. The jurisdiction may follow the guidelines and CalRecycle’s Model SRRE Template, designed for use by either a newly incorporated city that needs to submit a SRRE or a jurisdiction that needs to revise its SRRE.

Approved TemplatesCalRecycle’s Local assistance staff has developed a series of templates to assist jurisdictions when claiming changes to CalRecycle-approved, base-year disposal or diversion amounts, when claiming changes to reporting-year disposal amounts, when using alternate adjustment factors to calculate an annual diversion rate, or when establishing a new base year.

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Local Jurisdiction Sample Documents. A listing of documents available from the CalRecycle reference library that can help jurisdictions in planning waste reduction programs. Most of the documents are from local governments, and they can be ordered in hard copy at cost (for reproduction). A few are available on–line or are downloadable in PDF or MS Word format.

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