Local Jurisdiction Sample Documents

The reference library includes materials that have been submitted to us by local jurisdictions, including such documents as regional agency agreements, joint powers agreements, memoranda of understanding, solid waste ordinances, public education materials, and petitions for reduction in diversion mandates.

To see what’s available in the reference library, please browse the listings below:

Local circumstances vary and written documents are sometimes only the final distillation of a program. It is recommended that these documents be used as a starting point rather than a model. As appropriate, it may also be useful to contact the authoring jurisdictions to discuss their development more fully. The Local Assistance and Market Development Staff has not specifically reviewed these items and is therefore not endorsing them. Materials are examples to be used as reference materials only.

Documents are free to California jurisdictions, up to 25 pages. Consultants, nonprofit groups, and anyone else other than a California jurisdiction must make library requests in writing and pay a copy fee of 10 cents per page. Checks should be made out to CalRecycle.

Requests should be addressed to:

Leticia Murphy
Local Assistance and Market Development
1001 I St., P.O. Box 4025 MS-9A
Sacramento, CA 95812-2045

If you would like to submit your local documents to the library or if you have any suggestions on how to improve the library, please contact Leticia Murphy.

Thank you for using the Local Assistance Reference Library!

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