Facility Training

DRS Requirements

Disposal Reporting System (DRS) regulations require haulers, solid waste facility gatehouse attendants, and solid waste disposal report preparers to be trained in DRS requirements related to their specific jobs.

To help facilities meet these requirements, CalRecycle staff have developed training materials for facility staff to review. As DRS is a state requirement, certain facilities may find that company policies or local/regional requirements exceed DRS regulation, so we recommend that managers tailor these presentations to the needs of their staff.


Staff have provided these training materials in PDF. If special accommodations are required to access these presentations pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact the Office of Public Affairs at (916) 341-6300 or opa@calrecycle.ca.gov.

  • Hauler Training
    Introduces DRS, describes hauler requirements within DRS, and outlines the reporting process for waste haulers.
  • Landfill and Transformation Training
    Introduces DRS, describes landfill/transformation facility requirements within DRS, and outlines reporting process for landfill/transformation facility operators.
  • Station Training
    Introduces DRS, describes station requirements within DRS, and outlines reporting process for station operators.

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