What Is DRS?

The Disposal Reporting System (DRS) is the set of guidelines that tracks the origin of waste disposed in California’s landfills, and waste sent from California to out-of-state landfills. DRS tracks disposal tonnages, including alternative daily cover (ADC), alternative intermediate cover (AIC), and beneficial reuse, and transformation sent to facilities in the state. The electronic Disposal Reporting System (DRS) was created to capture, store, and display disposal information submitted to CalRecycle. Web-based DRS reports are available through CalRecycle’s website. To access the DRS database, county, and jurisdiction staff must go through the Local Government Information Center (LoGIC).

How Does DRS Work?

DRS allows counties the option to submit their quarterly disposal information through an online interface. This can be done one of two ways: Counties can manually enter data into the DRS database, or they can upload complete disposal reports to the DRS database. Information on this process is provided for counties on the County Training page and the County Reporting Requirements page.

Regardless of the method chosen by the county to enter disposal data, jurisdictions can log into the DRS database and see their most current disposal figures.

Counties that are interested in participating in the DRS system can visit the Local Government Information Center (LoGIC) page to sign up for a WebPass and request access to DRS. It is important that county or jurisdiction staff follow the steps outlined on both of these pages for requesting access to DRS.

What Is Included in Disposal?

The following equation demonstrates what is included in disposal for the state of California:

DRS equation for disposal

What Is DRS Used For?

  • Calculating per capita disposal rate and measuring goal achievement for jurisdictions
  • Calculating California’s disposal rate
  • Identifying variability in jurisdiction waste disposal over time
  • Identifying changes in the flow of waste disposed over time
  • Tracking waste exported out of state
  • Tracking the types and amounts of alternative daily cover (ADC) and alternative intermediate cover (AIC) used at landfills

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