Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is eligible to borrow equipment or request other services?

All LEAs that are currently certified or partially certified by CalRecycle are eligible to participate.

Equipment Loan

2. What is the cost of borrowing CalRecycle equipment?

Free-Except for the cost of return shipping. Loans to LEAs are made at no cost to the LEA. The LEA is responsible for shipping charges to return the item back to CalRecycle.

3. Does the LEA have to be certified by CalRecycle to use the equipment?

No, an LEA does not need to be certified. However, we strongly encourage LEAs to ask questions and request training on the instrument prior to checking it out; especially if they are unsure on its use.

4. How is equipment sent to and from CalRecycle?

CalRecycle currently uses common carriers to send equipment to LEAs. LEAs may also pick up and drop off equipment in person or work with the LEA Equipment Loan Program to arrange for special handling.

5. How do I request equipment?

Submit a signed (by a Manager) copy of the Equipment Loan Request Form, CalRecycle 640 (Updated 7/15/10). This may be done in person, or by fax, e-mail (PDF), or mail.

6. Can the LEA borrow equipment for more than three months?

Yes. The loan term is three months to ensure that the equipment is in proper working order. After the initial three month loan, the LEA can return the equipment and another “loaner” will be sent out.

Equipment and Repair

7. Will CalRecycle repair LEA-owned equipment?

Yes. Instrument repair on LEA-owned instruments may be limited to $400 per instrument with an $800 per LEA maximum. These amounts may change based on availability of funds or as determined by the LEA Equipment Loan Program. The LEA is responsible for the cost of insured shipping to CalRecycle.

8. How long will it take to service LEA-owned equipment?

Some repairs, including calibration and Instrument service can be done on a walk-in basis. Repairs requiring work that cannot be done by CalRecycle are sent to a contract vendor. This usually requires 2–3 weeks depending on the extent of repairs needed, availability of parts, and the vendors work load.

9. Can a “loaner” instrument or other equipment be made available while LEA equipment is being repaired?

Yes, in most cases, a loaner can be provided while repairs are being made.

10. Can any type, brand, or model of instrument be repaired under this program?

No. Only those instruments approved in advance by the Program may be repaired. CalRecycle may limit repair cost as noted above.


11. How can LEAs request training or technical assistance?

LEAs can contact CalRecycle staff via e-mail at to request training and/or technical assistance. This service is provided at the discretion of the Program.