Roundtable Training Liaisons

LEA training liaisons have been identified for each LEA Roundtable. The liaisons assist in the implementation of CalRecycle’s LEA training program. LEA training liaisons volunteer their services. Liaisons can partner with other LEA staff in carrying out their responsibilities.

Current LEA Training Liaisons

  • Bay Area: Arthur Surdilla, Beronica Slattengren
  • Northern: Gary Leonard
  • North Central: Sara Lyon
  • South Central: Esther Canal
  • Southern and Southwestern: Jorge Perez

The LEA Training Liaison Tasks May Include:

  • Providing input to ensure that training opportunities address relevant regional issues
  • Soliciting presenters and case studies for training opportunities
  • Identifying solid waste facilities that can be used for field training
  • Identifying and reporting regional training needs
  • Requesting training topics for RoundTables
  • Identifying and arranging for no fee training venues
  • Facilitating the logistics of training opportunities
  • Assisting in the presentation of training opportunities

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