LEA Evaluation Procedure Work Group

The sole purpose of the work group was to have a collaborative process to update the LEA evaluation procedure by March 1998. Draft proposals were provided to the work group for review and their comments were considered in the development of updating the evaluation procedure. The work group’s function ceased upon completion of the evaluation procedure being updated.


  • Pamella Bennett
  • Dale Stultz
  • Thom Carmichael
  • Bill Stratton
  • Greg Schirle
  • Dave Pomaville
  • Keith Winkler
  • Steve Samaniego
  • Don Dier Jr.
  • H. Thomas Unsell
  • Charlene Herbst
  • Bernie Vlach
  • Gabe Aboushanab


  • Sharon Anderson

For more information contact: LEA Support Services, PermitTrainingAssistance@calrecycle.ca.gov