Electronic Submittal Guidelines

The minimum Enforcement Program Plan (EPP) components required are described in 18077(a)(1-13). Samples are available on the Forms and Documents page. CalRecycle electronic document submittal as follows:

  • Each section must be submitted as a separate PDF document; such as, 1, 2f, 2h, 2i, 7 and 9.
  • Highlight updates made in Section 10-13 (Procedure Manuals). This will assist CalRecycle staff with determining the items updated during the annual review.

Specific Updates:

  • 18051 (2)(f)-Hearing panel/hearing officer must be updated prior to expiration
  • 18077 (a)(6)-Tally of comprehensive facility type and vehicle type list-should match SWIS and designated information package (DIP) enumeration list
  • 18077 (a)(7)-Time-task analysis (TTA) should match comprehensive tally; if no change, submit updated TTA with new FY.
  • 18077 (a)(9)-LEA operating budget; if no change, submit updated budget with new FY.