Form 303: History of Improvements

This page summarizes the changes made to the online Form 303 reporting system since 2014.

Changes Made for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2014-15 Reporting Cycle

Permanent Steward Columns

For easier data entry, these disposition tab columns were permanently added: 

  • PaintCare: Paint recycling or proper disposal funded by PaintCare.
    PaintCare is the approved stewardship organization funding/managing paint collection and recycling under Assembly Bill 1343 (Huffman, Chapter 420, Statutes of 2010) or PRC Sections 48700-48706.
  • PaintCare Reuse: Paint reuse that is reimbursed by PaintCare.
  • TRC: Mercury-containing thermostat recycling funded by TRC.
    The Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC) is the approved stewardship organization funding/managing mercury-containing thermostat collection and recycling under Assembly Bill 2347 (Ruskin, Chapter 572, Statutes of 2008) or HSC Sections 25214.8.10-25214.8.20.
Online Form 303 reporting system screenshot highlighting new columns added such as PaintCare, Reuse, and TRC

HHW Permanent Facility Location Map  

CalRecycle will now directly link all Form 303 permanent household hazardous waste (HHW) facility location information, including facility names and addresses, to a main CalRecycle webpage, which will then display these facilities on a map. This map will help residents find locations to take HHW (and other locations for beverage containers, carpet, mattresses, plastic, etc.) for reuse, recycling, or proper disposal. However, if for some reason your jurisdiction does not want the location information for your permanent HHW included on CalRecycle’s website, on each facility’s contact information screen under the Programs tab, please un-check the “Show Publicly?” box. 

Important: Please ensure that information–name, facility type, and address–is accurate, up-to-date, and clear for the public (e.g., no abbreviations or acronyms). Thank you all for your assistance in this effort. Look for the question mark icon next to headings or field labels.

New Material Types

To more closely track existing practices, these material types were added:

  • Paint Related Material (PRM): Examples may include: paint thinning, drying, removing, or reducing compounds; caulking; glues and adhesives; roof patch and repair; wood filler; other patching and spackling compounds.
  • Reuse Total: If unable to report reuse by material type, report the total weight of reused material here. If possible, please report paint reuse data separately and report the remaining reused material here. Be careful not to double-report any reuse data. 

Removed “Other” Material Types

To be more consistent with statute and regulations, these “Other” material types were removed:

  • Other Reclaimable
  • Other UW (universal waste)

Note: Report all other materials under the general “Other” category at the bottom of the form.

New Help Pop-up Boxes

For quick access to definitions, guidance, and/or references, mouse-over help pop-up boxes were added throughout the collection and disposition tabs.

Online Form 303 reporting system screenshot highlighting Help pop-ups feature
Online Form 303 reporting system screenshot with Facility and Public Information sections

Direct E-5 Report Link

To make it easier to obtain the number of “Service area Households,” on the Form 303 tab, the “E-5 Report” URL (shown in the screen shot below) will now link directly to Department of Finance housing data.

Online Form 303 reporting system screenshot pointing to Direct E-5 Report link

Changes Made for the FY 2013-14 Reporting Cycle

Material Type/Category Changes

The following changes were made to be consistent with regulations:

  • “Aerosol containers” changed to “Aerosol cans”.
  • “Universal Waste Electronic Devices” changed to “Other Electronic Devices” as a material type.
  • “Compressed Gas Cylinders” moved from the “Other” category to the “Flammable and Poison” category.
  • The “Electronic Waste (UW)” category changed to “Electronic Devices (UW)” and moved from above the “Universal Waste (UW)” category to below it (since Electronic Devices is a subcategory of Universal Waste).
  • Removed “Non-UW aerosol containers (corrosive, flammable, poison)”.
    Note: All aerosol cans should be reported under Universal Waste > Aerosol Cans regardless of how they are managed.

Cost Survey Changes

In an effort to better understand the costs associated with collecting specific material types, we added a cost description column (as shown in the screenshot below). This will allow you the ability to better describe the types of costs you are reporting for each material type (e.g., hauler, staff, admin, overhead, outreach, setup costs, etc.).

Online Form 303 reporting system screenshot highlighting new column header, Cost Description

New Report Charts

On the Historical HHW Data webpage, area charts were added to the online reports. The “Aggregate Statewide Data Charts” report includes statewide collection and disposition charts, and the “Form 303 Search” report compares individual reporting jurisdictions to statewide charts.

Screenshot of Home Hazardous Waste Data webpage displaying Aggregate Statewide Data Charts

For more information contact: Household Hazardous Waste Annual Reports,