HHW Collection and Disposition Data

Each jurisdiction in California is mandated to complete a CalRecycle Form 303 annually for the period of July 1 through June 30. The form gathers data regarding the amount of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), including Universal Waste (UW) and other related waste collected by local programs and the methods for managing these waste streams. Each jurisdiction is also encouraged to complete and submit to CalRecycle a voluntary survey on program collection and disposal costs and other information of interest annually.

Annual Statewide Statistics

The following graphs show the amount of HHW collected and disposed of from fiscal year 2005 through 2020. See the detailed data shown in these charts.

2020 HHW Collection by Materials Categories Statewide chart
2020 HHW Disposal by Disposition Method Statewide chart

Note: Includes Household Hazardous Waste, Universal Waste, and other related waste. See all material types per material category and disposition method definitions.

Explore HHW Reporting Data

Use the Form 303 reports below to explore current and historical HHW collection and disposition data (in pounds) available for fiscal years 2004/2005 through the present. The latest fiscal year data is generally available in or after October of each year. Reports can be generated by report cycle, material type, and by program type, and all data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. For instance, collection of a particular material type may be compared in multiple jurisdictions before and after implementing program types such as curbside or product stewardship programs.

Note: Form 303 reports do not represent all HHW in California. If a jurisdiction receives CalRecycle Used Oil Payment Program funding, their used motor oil is reported separately, and not included in the Form 303 data. In addition, stewardship organizations report collection and disposition data for the products they manage via their annual reports, specifically for paint or mercury-containing thermostats.

For more information contact: Household Hazardous Waste Annual Reports, Form303@calrecycle.ca.gov