Waste Prevention Clip Art

You are welcome to use these two collections of clip art in your home, office, and community for producing waste prevention materials of your own, (noncommercial use only). Many of these images have large dimensions and may need to be resized for specific use. They are viewed on line in GIF format, but can be downloaded in GIF, PCX, and TIF formats.

Collection 1
Printers, dollar signs, trucks, alternative cleansers, buildings, grocery bags, boxes with packing material, two-sided copies, waste baskets, snack packages, coffee cups, soft drink bottles, boxes, compost bins, trucks, trees, leaves, the Earth, recycling symbols, plants, buckets, bins, bottles, cans, boxes, packaging, paper, etc. ( Preview sheet)
Download in a .zip file in GIF or TIF formats.

Collection 2
Images about waste prevention topics at home; images about business, the office place, and consumer shopping; images about organics (composting and worms), landscaping (grasscycling), and waste prevention ideas. ( Preview sheet)
Download in a .zip file in GIFTIF or EPS formats.

For more information contact, the Office of Public Affairs, opa@calrecycle.ca.gov