California Labor Code Section 1782

On January 1, 2015, this law will prohibit charter cities from receiving state funds or financial assistance for construction projects if those cities do not comply with sections 1770-1782 of the Labor Code.

CalRecycle does not determine whether charter cities have complied with the provisions of the Labor Code. CalRecycle also does not make determinations as to whether a grant project is a “construction project” as the term is used in the Labor Code.

CalRecycle requires that any application that includes a charter city (either as the sole applicant, as a participant in a regional application, or as a member of an applicant Joint Powers Authority) include a certification by the applicant that all charter cities included in the application are eligible to receive grant funds for the project described in the application. If it is later found that grant funds were received in violation of Labor Code section 1782, the grant will be terminated and the grantee will be required to return any CalRecycle funds.

Labor Code section 1782 requires the Director of Industrial Relations to maintain a list of charter cities in compliance with that section.

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