Construction and demolition (C&D) activities (i.e., building structures, roads, remodeling, etc.) generate significant amounts of waste. The publications described below provide information on alternatives to disposal that can save you money in avoided disposal fees and potentially generate income from the sales of salvageable materials. Please visit our online publications catalog for a complete listing of CalRecycle publications on C&Dsustainable building, and other topics.

Sustainable Building Publications

See also our green building publications page, which includes many profiles and case studies of buildings using sustainable construction features.

The technical manual is located here: Designing With Vision: A Technical Manual For Material Choices In Sustainable Construction.

Case Studies

The Capitol Area East End Office Complex: A 56-page report examining the rationale for adopting high construction and demolition (C&D) waste diversion goals in building and construction projects, including benefits related to resource conservation, conservation of space in landfills, lower waste management costs, and enhanced neighborhood preservation, and features a waste management case study of a large office complex built in a metropolitan area of California. The discussion covers procedures for implementing waste management programs and is intended to serve as a reference for building professionals.

PresidioA 9-page case study of the hand deconstruction and recovery of materials of Building 901 at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (formerly the Presidio of San Francisco). The study chronicles the recovery of over 78,800 board feet of lumber from a 2,450-square-foot building built in the late 1940s, and the sale of that lumber to showcase the cost-effectiveness of hand deconstruction.

CanMetA 9-page case study showcasing the use of recycled-content building materials and construction and demolition practices that reduce waste in the building of residential homes in Canada.

Mather FieldA 46-page report documenting a deconstruction pilot project as a viable economic alternative to demolition at Mather Field Air Force Base. The project developed a deconstruction techniques training program, provided hands-on training for the deconstruction crew, and documented the process of deconstructing 6 residential houses at the closed military base.

Fact Sheets and Reports

The Diversion of Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste in California.  A 10-page report prepared by Department of General Service’s staff, highlighting C&D diversion efforts in State construction projects, including the Butterfield Way and East End Projects.

Construction Product Approval ProcessA guide, plus appendix, outlining steps suggested to take a new recycled-content construction product through the code approval process. Includes organizations involved, such as model code agencies.

Job Site Source SeparationAn overview of steps a contractor should consider that might enhance the likelihood of recycling wastes generated from construction or demolition activities.

Caltrans and Recycled Transportation ProductsAn overview of the types of recycled-content products that Caltrans allows, or could potentially allow, in State road projects. Includes guidelines for introducing a new product, and staff contacts.

Materials: Information on specific C&D materials, including paint, lumber, aggregates, etc.

C&D Ordinances and Other Documents

C&D ordinances from various local jurisdictions.

Other CalRecycle Publications: A complete list of CalRecycle’s list of C&D-related publications.

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