Information, resources, and examples for the SABRC category, tires products.

TiresMinimum Content Requirements

Example Tire Product Categories

Examples of tire products include, but are not limited to:

  • Truck tires
  • Bus vehicle tires
  • Fleet vehicle tires
  • Passenger car tires (where available)

California Retread Tire Manufacturers*

* Identification of individuals, companies, and products on this list does not constitute endorsement by CalRecycle. CalRecycle distributes/publishes this information to increase public awareness and to build markets for recycled products made from organic materials collected in California jurisdictions. This list is not comprehensive.

Resources and Guidelines

  • Retreads Website: Provides information about retreaded tires and addresses misconceptions about them. Lists helpful links to locate local retread tire suppliers; provides information about and for retreaders, suppliers and tire-repair industries; and includes government studies on retreaded tires explaining the safety, performance, and manufacturing of retreaded tires.
  • DGS’s Buying Green Guide for Tires: The DGS Buying Green Guide lists green contracts, specification standards, buying tips, and resources. Tires are listed under “Transportation – Parts and Equipment” within the guide.
    Other Reportable SABRC product categories:

Other Reportable SABRC product categories:

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