Information, resources, and examples for the SABRC category, glass products.

Color glassesMinimum Content Requirement

  • Minimum content requirement: the total weight shall consist of at least 10 percent postconsumer (PCC section 12209(d)).
  • At least 75 percent of the total dollars spent within this category must be used to procure recycled glass meeting the 10 percent postconsumer content requirement.
  • For statutes specifically pertaining to recycled glass, refer to the glass section on the Statutes Pertaining to the State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign.
  • Please see the SABRC section on the State Agency’s Laws and Regulation web page for legislation related to SABRC.

Example Glass Categories

Glass types include, but are not limited to:

  • Windows
  • Test tubes
  • Beakers
  • Laboratory or hospital supplies
  • Fiberglass (insulation)
  • Packaging
  • Reflective beads
  • Tiles
  • Construction blocks
  • Flat glass sheets
  • Deburring media
  • Containers
  • Liquid filter media
  • Desktop accessories
  • Loose-grain abrasives

Note: Reused, recovered or refurbished products should be considered 100 percent recycled; no minimum content is required. For composite products, products made of more than one material type, please refer to the “Composite Product Reporting Policy.”

Frequent Questions about the Regulation of Used Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) and CRT Glass

TV MonitorCRTs are vacuum tubes, made primarily of glass, which constitute the video display components of televisions, computer monitors, and other electronic devices.

Televisions and color computer monitors contain an average of four pounds of lead (the exact amount depends on the size and make).

U.S. EPA prepared a set of frequent questions to help ensure compliance with CRT regulations on the Hazardous Waste website.


California Recycled Glass Manufacturers*

Some of the recycled glass manufacturers in California are listed below and you may find more in the Recycled-Content Product Manufacturers (RCPM) directory.

*Purchasing glass from any of these manufacturers does not automatically guarantee compliance with SABRC, EPP, local air quality, or other agency specific requirements. Please purchase according to your agency’s minimum requirements or standards. Identification of individuals, companies, and products on this list does not constitute endorsement by CalRecycle. CalRecycle publishes this information to increase public awareness and to build markets for recycled content products. This list is not comprehensive.

Resources and Guidelines

State Agency Procurement

DGS’s Buying Green Guide for lightbulbs: The DGS Buying Green Guide lists green contracts, specification standards, buying tips, and resources. Energy-efficient lamps are listed under “Building and Maintenance” within the guide.

Other Reportable SABRC product categories:

For more information contact: State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign,