Product Category-Specific Resources

Many resources are available to help you learn more about recycled-content products (RCP) and other environmentally preferable products. The following resources are organized by product category.

Compost and Co-Compost

Glass Products

  • Clean Washington Center. This website provides information on the glass industry and listings of recycled glass products and suppliers are available.

Lubricating Oils


Paper Products/Printing and Writing Paper

  • Chlorine Free Products Association (CPFA). This site identifies printing and writing paper and other paper products that meet the CFPA’s chlorine-free designations.
  • Conservatree. A comprehensive website that provides technical assistance with selecting environmentally preferable papers. It includes an extensive listing of environmentally preferable papers that is sorted by specific paper grade.
  • Paper Calculator. This tool from Environmental Defense compares the environmental impacts of specific types of recycled and virgin papers.
  • Printers’ National Environmental Assistance Center
  • Recycled Products Purchasing Cooperative. The Recycled Products Purchasing Cooperative is a non-profit program that provides recycled copy paper and products at prices that meet or beat what many businesses and public entities pay for non-recycled copy paper and products.

Plastic Products


Tires and Tire-Derived Products

  • Tire derived products web page.
  • Tire Retread Information Bureau is a nonprofit, member-supported industry association. The goal is to provide the motoring public with the most up-to-date information about the economic and environmental benefits of tire retreading and repairing.

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