Many resources are available to help you learn more about recycled-content products (RCP) and other environmentally preferable products (EPP). The resources are organized into three specialized sections, in addition to the general resources listed on this page:

  • Audience-SpecificThese resources were designed with specific audiences in mind, such as state agencies or schools, but they may be useful to others.
  • Product Category-Specific. These resources highlight specific product categories, such as paper or glass.
  • Purchasing and Tracking Tools. This page includes directories, databases, catalogs, product libraries/collections, etc.

General Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Resources

Reuse Resources

  • CalRecycle Reuse Site
  • Garbage Reincarnation is a nonprofit organization that promotes reuse in Sonoma County. Call (707) 888-8257 for more information.
  • L.A. Shares is a nonprofit materials reuse organization that links schools and other nonprofit organizations with local businesses whose surplus goods and materials are needlessly cluttering up warehouses, or might otherwise be headed for landfills.
  • Urban Ore, located in Berkeley, California, buys, trades, and sells used or surplus building materials, household items, furniture, fixtures, art, and computers. Call (510) 548-4515 for more information.