September 5, 2002
To: All Certified Recycling Centers and Processors
Subject: Shipping Report Requirements for Material Received From Curbside Programs

Certified operators of processing facilities and recycling centers are required to have a completed shipping report (DR-6’s) for each material type, for each load delivered from curbside programs. If you receive a load of curbside material, you must sort the load by material type and complete a shipping report based on the sorted weight for each material type. For example, if the load contains four eligible material types, you must complete four shipping reports. If you receive ten curbside loads per day, with four material types in each load, you are required to complete forty shipping reports for that day.

These requirements are stated in Title 14 of the California Code of Regulations (14CCR), Section 2425(e) for processors and 14CCR, Sections 2530(a)(3) and 2530(f) for recyclers.

In lieu of completing a shipping report for each delivery of material, processors and recyclers that purchase materials directly from more than one curbside program, may apply to the Division to request the use of an alternative method for preparing the corresponding shipping reports (14CCR, Sections 2425(g) and 2530(j)). Processors and recycling centers that do not have an alternative method approved by the Division are required to have a completed shipping report for every load of material delivered to the site. The Division will consider each proposed alternative method and issue a written approval or denial within forty-five (45) calendar days.

In order for an alternative method to be considered; (A) The weights allocated to the curbside programs must be based on the received weight from the companies buying the sorted material from the recycler or processor (this would include the sorted beverage container weight being sold by a recycler to a processor, or the sorted beverage container weight being sold by a processor to another processor or a location of end use); (B) The recycler or processor must ensure that the weight of rejected containers, line breakage, and out-of-state containers is not included in the allocated weight; (C) The recycler or processor must account for each incoming load of material; (D) The recycler or processor must inspect incoming material to verify that it is eligible for refund value payments. Failure to properly report every delivery of material purchased from curbside programs or to apply for and use an alternative method approved by the Division may lead to disciplinary action.

To request an application for an alternative method of preparing shipping reports, please contact Jennifer Akins of the Certification Section at 1-800-Recycle or (916) 327-8809.