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About this Publication: infoCycling, Spring 2003

Title: infoCycling, Spring 2003
Date Published on the Web: 5/22/2003
Document Date: 5/1/2003
Document Last Revision Date:
Publication Type: Newsletter
Publication Number: 342-2003-0002
Description: infoCycling is published four times a year by the California Integrated Waste Management Board. The newsletter provides California jurisdictions, State agencies, and large State facilities with information to assist them in meeting waste reduction goals. This edition highlights what’s new on CIWMB’s LGCentral Web site; reviews AB 2308 disposal reporting changes regarding inert waste sent to CIWMB-permitted inert facilities; highlights the capabilities of CIWMB's State Organization and Agency Recycling Database (SOARD) and the Profiles database; describes recent waste diversion awards given to jurisdictions that met the 50 percent waste diversion mandate by 2000; an update on the upcoming STARR awards to honor State agency/facility waste reduction efforts; contacts information; and a regulatory update.
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