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TitlePublished on the WebDocument DatePublication Number
California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 14. Natural Resources, Division 2. Department of Conservation, Chapter 5. Division of Recycling Updated April 2014 3/27/2014 DRRR-2014-01490
Properties of Tire-Derived Aggregate For Civil Engineering Applications3/25/20145/14/2013DRRR-2014-01489
Life Cycle Assessment of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Beverage Bottles Consumed in the State of California3/20/20142/14/2011DRRR-2014-01487
Beverage Container Sales Analysis: California Beverage Container Recycling Program (For the Period of Jan. 1, 2010 through Dec. 31, 2010)3/7/20143/6/2014DRRR-2014-01488
Evaluation of Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies with Asphalt Rubber and Terminal Blends2/27/20145/10/2012DRRR-2013-01461
Life Cycle Cost Comparison of Rubberized and Conventional HMA in California2/27/20145/10/2012DRRR-2013-01460
CalRecycle 2012 Enforcement Report2/5/20141/10/2014DRRR-2014-01485
Bioplastics in California: Economic Assessment of Market Conditions for PHA/PHB Bioplastics Produced from Waste Methane2/3/20149/30/2013DRRR-2013-01469
Life Cycle Assessment of Used Oil Management in California -- Pursuant to Senate Bill 546 (Lowenthal)1/28/20147/29/2013DRRR-2013-01465
Covered Electronic Waste Payment System Net Cost Report Information1/17/20141/13/2014DRRR-2014-01483
Rerefining Used Lubrication and Industrial Oils' Effects on Virgin Crude Oil Refining1/7/20145/24/2013DRRR-2013-01481
Cost-Benefit Analysis and Distributional Impacts of Used Oil Management Policy Scenarios12/30/20137/30/2013DRRR-2013-01466
California Beverage Container Recycling & Litter Reduction Act12/26/201312/27/2013DRRR-2013-01478
Report to the Legislature: Five-Year Plan for the Waste Tire Recycling Management Program (Seventh Edition Covering FY 2013/14-2017/18)12/26/20137/1/2013DRRR-2013-01454
Nuevos Límites de Carga Diarios que Consumidores Podrán Redimir en Centros de Reciclaje Certificados12/23/201312/23/2013DRRR-2013-01480
Change to the Daily Load Limits Allowed to be Redeemed at Certified Recycling Centers by Consumers12/23/201312/23/2013DRRR-2013-01479
Businesses Going Green With Commercial Recycling12/19/20136/25/2012DRRR-2012-0004
Critical Review of Used Oil Life Cycle Assessment Study12/19/2013 DRRR-2013-01468
Final Report on Direct Impacts Model (DIM) Analysis of the California Used Oil Market12/19/20137/26/2013DRRR-2013-01467
Bebidas Sujetas al Pago de Reembolso de California (CRV)—Folleto en blanco y negro12/5/20139/28/2012DRRR-2013-01477
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