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  • Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill (AB) 2490 [FC1] into law on Sept. 15, 2014. As of January 1, 2015 pursuant to AB 2490 (Eggman, Chapter 342, Statutes of 2014) Sections 10 and 15, California district agricultural associations (DAA) are excluded from the definition of “state agency” for purposes of those provisions (Food and Agricultural Code Section 4061(a) and PRC Section 42926 (d)). As such, DAAs are no longer required to submit an annual state agency waste management report to CalRecycle’s State Agency Reporting Center (SARC) by May 1 or a State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign report (SABRC) by March 1 of each year for “Calendar Year” reporters or October 31 for “Fiscal Year” reporters.New(12/24/2014)
  • While AB 2490 exempts DAAs from reporting requirements, DAAs are still required to maintain and monitor its waste diversion programs to ensure adherence to the diversion requirements for State entities under AB 75 (Strom-Martin, Chapter 764, Statutes of 1999), AB 341 (Chesbro, Chapter 476, Statutes of 2011), SB 1016 (Wiggins, Chapter 343, Statutes of 2008), PCC 12153-12217, and PRC 42920-42926. See State Agency Laws and Regulations at for more information on diversion and recycled content purchasing requirements.New(12/24/2014)
  • Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill (AB) 341 into law on Oct. 5, 2011. The bill declares that the goal for the state of California is that not less than 75 percent of solid waste generated be source reduced, recycled, or composted by the year 2020. The bill also changes the due date of the State Agency Waste Management Annual Report from September 1 to May 1, beginning May 1, 2012.

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Last updated: February 13, 2015
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