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About the Waste Prevention Information Exchange

The Waste Prevention Information Exchange (WPIE) is a directory of informational resources for waste prevention. Most of the information is collected by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), but much of the information is provided by users like you. WPIE is a program of CalRecycle.

You may have heard the phrase, "reduce, reuse, recycle, buy recycled." This phrase is more than a promotion of these activities. This phrase is intended to express the degree of importance of each of these activities. Reducing the generation of waste is the most important activity in the arena of waste management. Recycling and buying recycled products are very important activities, but they are the least important.

WPIE is all about waste prevention. WPIE staff continuously search for useful information about preventing or reducing every type of relatively common waste or wasteful practice, and they post the information here. In some cases, when the information is either unavailable or hard to find, they develop or compile the information.

WPIE is a useful tool to learn what CalRecycle is or is not doing with regards to any waste issue because WPIE attempts to highlight CalRecycle involvement with links to relevant CalRecycle Web pages, and CalRecycle documents of particular importance. Additionally, because other state and federal agencies also regulate waste, CalRecycle tries to portray the roles of those agencies where the responsibilities of those agencies overlap with the responsibilities of CalRecycle.

As you can imagine, because WPIE tries to cover everything, the directory is ever expanding. You can help. If you know of a waste prevention document or Web page that seems particularly useful to you, it would probably be useful to others. If you do, please let us know.

Add information to the Information Exchange—Contributions of information are always welcomed by WPIE. If you know about other waste prevention documents, Web sites, or resources of any type, please e-mail

Other Ways to Find Information Through WPIE—If you can't find something in WPIE, WPIE might be able to find it elsewhere for you. We are able to do limited research upon request. Additionally, we have access to the entire staff of CalRecycle, and we know a lot of knowledgeable people around the country. We might find an expert or two in the fields that pertain to your inquiry.

If you are looking for a document not listed here, especially something that is old or out of print, WPIE might be able to find someone who has it, or WPIE might have it in the WPIE archives. Whatever the case, if you'd like us to try to find some information or some document for you, contact the Waste Prevention Information Exchange at

Disclaimer—CalRecycle reserves the right to not post anything for any reason. Copyrighted material cannot be posted without the owner's permission, although WPIE is willing to request the owner's permission if the material seems useful. CalRecycle does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of any postings in the information exchange that are not produced by CalRecycle. Other disclaimers apply.

Last updated: August 16, 2012
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