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Waste Tire Storage and Disposal Emergency Regulations

Description: These emergency regulations remove exclusions from permit requirements that allow improper waste tire storage practices to take place because operators with exclusions are not required to comply with the waste tire storage and disposal standards.

Affected Regulatory Code Sections: Title 14, California Code of Regulations, Division 7, Chapter 3, section 17350 and Chapter 6, section 18420.

History: The Board adopted the emergency regulations at its January 28, 1998 meeting. On June 16, 1998 the Office of Administrative Law approved these emergency regulations. Operators holding the exclusions removed by the adoption of these regulations were required to submit an acceptable application package for a permit to store tires by September 14, 1998. The Board will complete the rulemaking process for these emergency regulations as part of a larger review of tire program regulations.

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    As approved by the Office of Administrative Law on June 16, 1998.
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