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Article 1
Recycling Market Development Zone Designation Process
Sections 17900-17928

Article 1.1
Recycling Market Development Zone Low-Interest Revolving Loan Fund
Sections 17930-17939

Article 1.2
Leveraging the Recycling Market Development Zone Revolving Loan Fund
Sections 17939.1-17939.5

Article 2
Recycling Investment Tax Credit Program
Section 17940-17941

Article 3
Rigid Plastic Packaging Container Program
Section 17942-17949

Article 4
Recycled Content Newsprint
Section 17950-17974

Article 5
Recycled Content Trash Bag Program
Section 17975-17985

Article 6
At-Store Recycling Program--Recordkeeping, Reporting and Measurement
Sections 17987-17987.6

Regulations: Title 14, Natural Resources--Division 7, CIWMB

Chapter 4. Resource Conservation Programs

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