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Electronic Disposal Reporting System (eDRS)

21st Century disposal reporting is here!

Revised Disposal Reporting System (DRS) regulations became effective January 1, 2006, requiring solid waste facilities to track and report new DRS data to county disposal coordinators, who then report to the California Integrated Waste Management Board (Board). To simplify the reporting process for both the new and continuing data requirements, the Board has developed a modern electronic Disposal Reporting System (eDRS).

The new system automates data entry processes, simplifies the required dissemination of data, and provides jurisdictions with more timely access to disposal information. Counties who use eDRS will no longer need to print out disposal reports and send them to every jurisdiction that disposes solid waste within their boundaries, only to resend those reports every time the data is revised.

eDRS offers counties two convenient options for submitting required quarterly solid waste disposal reports with the Board over a secure Internet connection.

  • Online live data entry system: Uses a standard Internet browser. You log into our secure web pages and enter data directly into the Board-maintained eDRS database. The system helps you check your data and reduce errors before you file with the click of a mouse.
  • Online upload: Using our data format, you upload a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet directly into the Board-maintained eDRS database. The spreadsheet is instantly pulled into the Board's database and checked for errors before you enter facility summary information, and then you confirm the filing with the click of a mouse. The Data Entry section below provides details on data fields necessary for the upload. An upload Excel template is available as “Data Specification Template for Electronic Upload of Quarterly County Disposal Reports” also under the Data Entry section.

Regardless of which method you use to send us your disposal data, your jurisdictions will be able to log into the Board eDRS system any time to see their most current disposal figures.

Counties win because their disposal reporting responsibilities to jurisdictions are streamlined; jurisdictions disposing in your county win because they can access current data any time.

Counties which intend to use the web-based data entry system need do nothing to prepare. Counties which intend to use the upload system will need to format their disposal data correctly. Toward that end, Board staff has prepared helpful documents that fully accommodate the new data types specified in the DRS regulations package which became effective January 1, 2006.

Data Entry (Jurisdiction Allocations)

Quarterly Summaries by Facility

  • Landfill Quarterly Summary Information Template with Instructions (MS Excel 39 KB). Agencies may use this template to submit facility summary information to the Board via e-mail, fax, or mail. Counties may wish to use the template to assist them with inputting the facility summary information directly into eDRS.
  • The DRS templates page includes additional templates, including scale exemption and station notification templates.

Where to Go for Help

If you need help formatting your data to meet the Board specification for upload or have eDRS training needs, please contact the DRS team at

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