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The Electronic Annual Report letter was sent out for the 2015 report year to all Annual Report filers and Interested Parties in June 2016.

Dear Electronic Annual Report (EAR) Filer/Interested Party:

You have been identified as the Jurisdiction Primary and/or General contact for the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) Electronic Annual Report (EAR). If you are not the Primary and/or General EAR contact for the Jurisdiction, please e-mail corrected information to:, so we may update our records. Some of recipients of this letter may not be the main contact who files the EAR, though are kept on the mailing list as a general contact to receive other messages from LAMD. Learn more about the Annual Report here:

If you have any questions concerning the EAR, please contact your LAMD representative at 916/341-6199 or look-up your LAMD representative on

On June 15, 2016, the 2015 EAR will be available on-line. You or your designated staff must sign into the Local Government Information Center (LoGIC), which will allow you to enter data for the Annual Report and submit the information to CalRecycle. The report must be submitted by August 1, 2016.

System Access: In order to access the system you must have a CalRecycle WebPass, which allows you to use your email address and a password to sign into the EAR. For more information about security, LoGIC or access to the EAR please visit

Password: If you have forgotten your password, please visit and select “Forgot Password?”

Training Webinar: As a reminder, EAR training for jurisdictions will be held via webinar on Thursday, June 16th from 10-12:00 PDT. Please register to reserve a Webinar seat now at:

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

Goals: The EAR is part of a performance measurement system that considers factors such as a jurisdiction’s program implementation and its per capita disposal rate in determining compliance with AB 939. For a complete explanation of the measurement system, please read:

Features: It continues to be a secure, easy, and flexible way to meet your AB 939 diversion programs reporting requirement as indicated by its:

  • Security: All data sent to the EAR is protected by encryption while passing over the internet. Only you and your Local Assistance and Market Development (LAMD) representative can see your draft report.
  • Ease of use: The EAR guides you step-by-step through the annual report filing process. As you complete each required section, the report provides a visual cue that the section is complete. When you have completed all of the required sections, you are allowed to submit the report directly to CalRecycle.
  • NOTE: If your jurisdiction was approved as a Good Faith Effort (GFE) during the last Jurisdiction Review cycle, please do not use the EZ feature in the EAR. Program implementation details will be a critical component of CalRecycle staff review to assess your compliance with the AB939 requirements.
  • Flexibility: Once you begin filling out the EAR, you may return as often as needed to finish your report. You can print a convenient report summary to gain the necessary internal approvals for your filing, and then return to the EAR to make any needed changes before submitting it to CalRecycle.

Reminder of What to Include in Electronic Annual Report (EAR) for Mandatory Commercial Recycling in Diversion Program Code 2030

  • Education and outreach to explain the state requirement to recycle and provide information on how to recycle in the jurisdiction.
  • Monitoring data:
    • Number of regulated businesses
    • Number of regulated businesses that are not recycling
    • Number of regulated multifamily complexes
    • Number of regulated businesses that are not recycling
    • Number of regulated multifamily complexes that are not recycling
    • For businesses and multifamily complexes not recycling, what steps were taken to notify the generator that they are out of compliance and how to comply?
    • If any of this data is not available, please explain why and how you are addressing gathering the data?
  • Overview of any related enforcement efforts

If you have any questions about what information you should include, please contact your LAMD representative:

Jurisdictions must file the EAR using the Local Government Information Center (LoGIC) reporting system. If the LoGIC system is new to you or you've forgotten your Web password or need more assistance, please visit:

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to implementing programs for reducing, reusing and recycling.

It is our collaborative efforts that truly benefit all of California.

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Last updated: June 14, 2016
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