California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)

LEA & Facility Operator Training

12th Annual LEA, Tire Enforcement, and CIWMB Training and Technical Course Series

October 19-22, 2009
Hyatt Regency
Sacramento, California

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On October 19-22, 2009, a comprehensive series of training and technical sessions was held in Sacramento. A steering committee of local enforcement agencies and California Integrated Waste Management Board (Board) staff began planning this year’s series and identified more than 20 technical sessions designed to meet the needs of local enforcement agencies, tire grantees, Board staff, solid waste and tire facility operators, and tire haulers.


Topics covered a wide variety of subjects including:

  • Landfill Gas
  • Food Waste Handling Methods
  • Grants
  • Illegal Disposal
  • Financial Assurances
  • Regulatory Compliance Issues, and
  • Emerging Technologies.


The agenda includes several half day technical training sessions and workshops that allowed for in-depth training and problem solving on regulatory issues that were of interest to both regulators and industry representatives.


Downloadable versions of many of the presentations given at the conference are now available.

These presentations were developed under the auspices of the CIWMB for specific technical training presentations and are posted as reference documents for the local government and CIWMB staff who attended this technical training series. They are not intended to stand alone as informational or training materials.

If you require assistance in obtaining access to these presentations, call the Public Affairs Office at (916) 341-6300.

Ralph Hunter Award Winner

This award recognizes an individual who has made a major impact to LEA solid waste program implementation by development of a special or new program, involvement with educational activities, involvement on committees and/or workgroups, involvement in the permitting and/or enforcement process, or any special achievement which enhances protection of public health and other environmental health principles through the LEA program. The Chair of the Enforcement Advisory Council presented the 2009 award to Lori Braunesreither at the Technical Training Series.


The Board offered a limited number of full and partial scholarships for qualifying participants to offset attendance costs, such as costs of registration and travel directly related to attendance (as allowed under state travel reimbursement policies).

Why You Should Attend

This series was designed to comply with PRC 43209(d) which states in part: The enforcement agency, within its jurisdiction and consistent with its certification by the board, shall … develop, implement, and maintain inspection, enforcement, permitting, and training programs.

Attendance at this series also was required in part by CCR Title 14, Section 18075, which states LEA personnel shall be trained in solid waste enforcement. The LEA’s training program shall be coordinated with the Board as well as other state and local agencies, be part of the LEA's Enforcement Program Plan pursuant to 14 CCR 18077… and provide specific training in the following areas: (1) permitting, inspection, and enforcement duties and responsibilities…

The Board also has a broad mandate to provide technical information and compliance assistance to the industries it regulates, and this series of training and technical courses was designed in part to carry out the Board’s mission in this area.

Steering Committee

Lori Braunesreither, Contra Costa County
Kathryn Cross, Orange County
Maria Ferdin, Monterey County
Rodney Lucas, City of Los Angeles
Pam Raptis, San Diego County
Doreen Vail, City of Los Angeles
Sabra Ambrose, CIWMB
David Betts, CIWMB
Pat Paswater, CIWMB
Patrick Snider, CIWMB
Gerri Stryker, CIWMB
Kevin Taylor, CIWMB
Georgianne Turner, CIWMB

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