California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)

Partnership 2000

7th Annual LEA/CIWMB Conference

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The 2004 Conference featured a variety of solid waste topics determined by the conference steering committee. Topics ranged from Emergency Debris Management to Public Participation. A conference brochure was created to detail session information for attendees. Also, for the first time, this year's conference included field trips to the Yolo County Bioreactor Landfill and the Recycled Product Trade Show.

Using Less Paper: In 2000, we adopted a less paper conference and have been encouraged to continue this format. Rather than distribute printed proceedings, reference materials are posted on our web site. Please refer to the online agenda to view materials. If you would like to receive a CD of the conference presentations, please contact Melissa Hoover-Hartwick.

Steering Committee Members


  • Alicia Enriquez
  • Lem Estolas
  • Paula Harold
  • Robert McClellon
  • Bill O'Rullian
  • Randy Styner
  • Suzanne Hambleton
  • Ray Seamans
  • Dave Otsubo
  • Mindy Fox
  • Marie Sessler
  • Dennis Corcoran
  • Sadie Galos
  • Melissa Parker
  • Melissa Hoover-Hartwick
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