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Sustainable (Green) Building

Second Cycle Grantees

At the October 17-18, 2000 Board meeting, a total of $422,000 was made available to fund the second cycle of sustainable building grants. Board staff received 15 applications and recommended 6 for funding, totaling $290,310.84. The proposals funded were for both construction and program grants.

The program projects focused on guideline development, workshops and educational outreach. While the construction projects focused on incorporating recycled content building materials and sustainable building techniques/concepts into building projects.


Jurisdiction Funding Amount
Program Grants
City of Berkeley $57,025.00
City and County of San Francisco $72,450.00
City of Santa Monica $45,700.00
City of West Hollywood $31,850.00
Construction Grants
Ventura County $56,285.84
City of Orinda $27,000.00
Total $290,310.84

Grant Project Summaries, Deliverables and Photos

The following jurisdictions received grant funds to develop or expand their green building programs or design and/or construct a sustainable building for their local community. This grant cycle is now closed, if deliverables or photographs were received for a specific project, they will be located under their respective project summaries.

City of Berkeley

Description of project: These funds were to be used to support expansion and marketing of a sustainable building technical assistance hotline. ($57,025)

Project update: Through these grant funds, the City of Berkeley was able to expand their services at the Green Resource Center and provide technical assistance on basic green building questions. They were also able to provide free "client consultations" on specific green building projects in the community. The City also developed fact sheets on various sustainable building products.

Contact: Kate Squire
Economic Development Project Coordinator
(510) 705-8187

City and County of San Francisco

Description of project: These funds were to be used to develop a green building tool kit, along with a series of training workshops. ($72,450)

Project update: The city was able to develop a useful green building toolkit and a series of training workshops to support green building practices within the City. The toolkit includes information on green building, resource lists and sample specifications and contract language. They were also able to conduct two workshops during the grant term. The trainings covered various green approaches, information on what other municipalities are doing, and additional information on useful resources. Both classes were well attended and well received.

Contact: Mark Palmer
Green Building Coordinator

City of Santa Monica

Description of project: These funds were to be used for program implementation of the city's Green Building Design and Construction Guidelines. ($45,700)

Project update: The city of Santa Monica was able to develop "Green Materials Selection Process and Criteria," as well as a new "Green Building Materials Selection and Specification Guide."

Contact: Lauren Friedman
Senior Architect
(310) 458-8725

City of West Hollywood

Description of project: Funding were to help identify green building practices, develop green building criteria, and support interactive workshops. ($31,850)

Project update: The City of West Hollywood was able to use the grant funds to conduct two working meetings that led into the "Creating Green Homes Charettes." There were two charette teams, each  consisting of members from various building and planning sectors, as well as city staff. Each team was assigned to design a new and rehab an existing affordable housing project that incorporated specific green building criteria. Some of the criteria required included recycled content products, low/no VOC materials, resource conservation efforts, and other sustainable practices. The City also worked with their contractor to finalize the results of the charette and develop a green affordable housing checklist and description and benefit list.

Contact: Allyne Winderman
Manager, Economic & Housing Division
(323) 848-6418

Ventura County

Description of project: These funds were to be used for construction costs to incorporate green building and recycled-content materials.  They were also to cover a demonstration project to fund additional costs of incorporating sustainable building concepts and allow for tours and public outreach. ($56,285.84)

Project update: The Ojai Foundation's Gateway Reception Center is the first fully permitted straw bale building in Ventura County. This building incorporated numerous sustainable building materials and techniques including: fly ash in the concrete foundation and footings; recycled content steel, roofing materials and denim insulation; recycled content and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) lumber; earthen plaster walls; and photovoltaic panels that generate the electricity used on the site.

Contact: Marialyce Pedersen
Commercial Recycling Specialist
(805) 654-3506

City of Orinda

Description of project: Funds were to cover construction costs associated with using recycled-content materials in their newly remodeled city hall.  The city was to develop a showcase of those materials, and pursue a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. ($27,000)

Project update: The proposed sustainable building project was not completed during the grant term due to delays associated with the siting of the new facility. The city intends to locate a new site for their city offices; however, this wasn't possible during the grant term. Even though the project hasn't fully come to fruition, the City Council and city staff was able to get a better understanding of sustainable building principles throughout the early stages of the grant term.

Contact: William A. Lindsay
City Manager
(925) 253-4220

Last updated: April 3, 2006
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