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California Environmental Protection Agency

Margo Reid Brown, Chair
Sheila Kuehl, Member
John Laird, Member
Carole Migden, Member
Rosalie Mule, Member

Board Meeting

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 9:30 am

Joe Serna Jr., CalEPA Building
1001 I Street, Byron Sher Auditorium
Integrated Waste Management Board
Sacramento, CA 95814


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   Strategic Policy Development
1.   Consideration Of Scopes Of Work And Contractors For Research To Evaluate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated With Products In Support Of AB 32 Scoping Plan Extended Producer Responsibility Measure (Integrated Waste Management Account FY 2009/10) - (Committee Item B)  Agenda Item (Word, 84 KB) , Agenda Attachment 1 (Word, 84 KB) , Agenda Attachment 2 (Word, 86 KB) , Resolution 2009-151 (Draft) (Word, 30 KB) , Resolution 2009-152 (Draft) (Word, 30 KB)   (Note: Fiscal Consent)
2.   Consideration Of Scope of Work and Contractor For Research To Evaluate Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Compost In Support Of AB 32 Scoping Plan Composting Measure (Integrated Waste Management Account, FY 2009/10) - (Committee Item C)  Agenda Item (Word, 28 KB) , Agenda Attachment 1 (Word, 32 KB) , Resolution 2009-160 (Draft) (Word, 31 KB)   (Note: Fiscal consent)
3.   Consideration Of Adoption Of Proposed (Phase II) Regulations On Long-Term Postclosure Maintenance, Corrective Action And Financial Assurances- (Committee Item D)  Agenda Item (Revised) (Word, 51 KB) , Agenda Attachment 1 (Adobe Acrobat (PDF), 1216 KB) , Agenda Attachment 2 (Word, 74 KB) , Resolution 2009-161 (Draft) (Word, 32 KB) , Presentation (Powerpoint, 604 KB)   (Note: Consent)
4.   Status Report On Organics Policy Roadmap II And Presentation Of Organics Policy Roadmap III - (Committee Item E)  Agenda Item (Word, 87 KB) , Agenda Attachment 1 (Word, 98 KB) , Agenda Attachment 2 (Word, 62 KB) , Agenda Attachment 3 (Word, 88 KB)   (Note: Committee Only)
5.   Consideration of the 2010 Annual Rulemaking Calendar - (Committee Item F)  Agenda Attachment 1 (Word, 84 KB) , Resolution 2009-150 (Draft) (Word, 28 KB)   (Note: Committee Only)
6.   Discussion Of And Request For Direction On Draft Regulatory Language, And Discussion Of Rulemaking Plan, For The AB 32 Mandatory Commercial Recycling Measure - (Committee Item G)  Agenda  (Word, 76 KB) , Agenda Attachment 1 (Word, 88 KB)   (Note: Committee only)
7.   Discussion And Request For Rulemaking Direction On Noticing Revisions To The Existing Waste Tire Hauler Registration And Manifesting Regulations For An Additional 15 Day Comment Period - (Committee Item B)  Agenda Item (Word (Old), 64 KB) , Agenda Attachment 1 (Word (Old), 24802 KB) , Attachment 2 (Word, 7882 KB)   (Note: This Item will be heard by the full Board at the December 15, 2009 Board Meeting in Sacramento, CA)
8.   Presentation By The Institute For Local Government On The Model Commercial Recycling Ordinance From The Recycling and Solid Waste Management Concepts Contract And On The California Climate Action Network - (Committee Item C)  Item 8 Attachment 1 (Adobe Acrobat (PDF), 1832 KB) , Presentation (Powerpoint, 715 KB)   (Note: This Item will be heard by the full Board at the December 15, 2009 Board Meeting in Sacramento, CA)



* Agenda items may be taken out of order.
* The official California Integrated Waste Management Board agendas are available via the Internet.
* This agenda notice does not include a specific ending time for the Board meeting. The meeting shall end when all of the noticed items and other business have been dealt with. For meetings noticed for two days, the meeting may end on the first day noticed if all business is concluded on that day.
* Persons interested in addressing the Board on any agenda item must fill out a speaker request form and present it to the Board Secretary prior to Board consideration of the item. The Board may limit the time for individual public testimony.
* If written comments are submitted, 15 two-sided copies must be provided in advance of the Board meeting with the following information on the first page of the document: date, addressee, Board meeting, agenda item number, and name of person submitting the document.
* PowerPoint presentations must be sent to the Committee's Administrative Assistant no later than 5 p.m. the day before the meeting.
* Any information mailed with this agenda is disseminated as a public service only, and is intended to reduce the volume and costs of separate mailings. This information does not necessarily reflect the opinions, views, or policies of the Board.
* To request special accommodations for those persons with disabilities, or to verify if an item will be heard, or to obtain copies of the agenda items, please contact the Board's Administrative Assistant at (916) 341-6550.

Notice:  The Board may hold a closed session to discuss the following: confidential tax returns, trade secrets, or other confidential or proprietary information of which public disclosure is prohibited by law; the appointment or employment of a public employee; or litigation under authority of Government Code Sections 11126 (a)(1), (c)(3), (15), and (e), respectively.

Important Notice:  Items may be placed on the consent agenda. The Board will approve these items all at once without discussion. Therefore, if a Board Member or a member of the public wishes to speak to an item on the consent calendar, they must make their request that the item be removed from the consent agenda before the Board considers it.

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